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Logbooks, evolved. This app will help you easily keep count of the many things you must track in your life. Mileage, money, minutes, volumes, etc. Simply anything you can count. The sum of all entries is always displayed clearly on the screen. It keeps a list of every entry you made, with dates and times for later reference.

Data entry is very quick, a few seconds is enough to make a new log entry. You can also add more detail by typing a note for each entry.

Easily export the data of a logbook to a spreadsheet app like Excel or Numbers.

Numbers and dates are always formatted using the current locale, so whether you use commas or dots as the decimal separator, you’re covered. It will also export to the CSV format by taking that into account.

Each logbook can be customized with a title, a unit of measurement (km, minutes, pages, etc) and a display style.

These display styles are available:

  • Decimal: You can enter integer numbers or decimal numbers.

  • Currency: To use the currency of the country you live in.

  • Scientific: To use the scientific notation.

All computations use the double-precision floating point format for maximum accuracy.

The app supports iCloud; you can configure it in the Options.

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